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Cargico Corporation is a company with long tradition of R&D to provide B2B services and total solutions for its partners in industries.

Established in 1973, Cargico Corporation specialized in precision engineering, hydraulics and system instigation to provide design and engineering supports for government projects, major corporations and defense industries. In the 80’s, Cargico worked with academia to explore catalyst business and partnered with Engelhard, franchised and developed many types of catalysts for domestic market. In 90’s, Cargico’s research team have developed “Bio-Kil,” which can give different surfaces anti-microbial capability and was immediately applied in infection management in hospitals. For the past 30 years, Cargico have worked closely with hospitals and clinics in Singapore and Taiwan in the field of infection control and environmental caring and provided supports and Bio-Kil total solutions during SARS pandemic.

Cargico continues to work with its partners to promote “clean hospital” by incorporating Bio-Kil solutions and services in hospital setting. Cargico’s Bio-Kil Solutions can reduce microorganism in the background environment, so decreasing chance of outbreak, so protecting medical professionals, patients and providing safer environment to all.



Cargico was originally an agent for ASEA and Hägglunds, two well-known heavy industry companies, focusing on hydralic and automatic control. In 1980, Cargico proposed an innovative bridge construction method which was later applied on the Guandu bridge building program.


Started the development of Catalyst research while at the same time assured the strong collabaration with Parker Hannifin, the most well-known fluid and hudralic company in America.


Bio-Kil total solutions was developed base on catalyst research by the Cargico team. The solution has demonstrate a safer, effective, and long-lasting alternative to address Hospital Associated Infections (HAI).


VBio-Kil total solutions was implemented in Tong-Tock Seng Hospital in Singapore. It opened marketing opportuities in Singapore and became part of the Green Mark Stands.


Cargico has invested in microfluidic research and worked and established a research team in San Jose to integrate Bio-Kil and microfluidic for further improvement in Bio-Kil performance.


Cargico will continue developing and imrproving the Bio-Kil solutions and seek for further opportunities in Europe and Middle East, hoping more people in the world can live in a safer and better environment.